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And now, Here’s Terri. Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Go Mind Your Business my name is Terri Bork and I’m really excited to have you guys with me today because I have a really special guest you know I always talk about generating residual income for yourselves and the importance of having Passive Income streams so that you don’t have to work harder, you can just work smarter. And, today, my special guest is mister David Perdew with NAMS, which is the Novice to Advanced Marketing System Welcome to our program today David.

Hey Terri how are you glad to be here. Great thank you so much for joining us today in taking time out of your day Let me share a little bit about David with you guys.

Like I said, David is the CEO and the chief architect of NAMS which is the Novice to Advanced Marketing System David has used all of his skills as a journalist, consultant, entreprenuer and has built one of the most successful and fastest-growing business training workshops available today.

The Novice to Advanced Marketing System is a step-by-step tutorial system focusing on team, trying tools to help novice to advanced people become even more successful. David started his journey with me NAMS back in what 2003 David? Well actually the workshop and the NAMS system really start in 2007 2006 I’ve been online since 2004 I got it okay So, today we’re really going just really dig deeper into creating these passive income streams and starting to create wealth for yourself so again David welcome to our program.

Thank you, thank you Terri, you know you are one of my favorite people and you’re an insider’s so I love that!

I am an insider and it’s fantastic and in fact, you know one of the things that’s really neat about NAMS is the way that the NAMS training system is setup is there are four different tracks kind of like going to college 100 to 400 series and I was sharing with another guest that I’ve had, Kelly McCausey on content curation and at the event in Atlanta in August and I snuck in she said into her content curation course, which was a 100 level for beginners, and what’s so great I shared with her it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or expert because I learned something from Kelly at the event in a basic level course so it really doesn’t matter what track your on, there’s so much still to learn in every track.

There is and one of the things that people don’t realize is that we get a lot of people who are more advanced, like yourself, who come back then into the 100 courses to actually pick up some more basics because things change, you know, and sometimes there are basics in those 100 level courses that you need to remind yourself about and those are really important. We get people going backwards sometimes to. It’s very very true, so David, why is is creating passive income streams so important for our listeners to achieve greater success well I give you an example I’m while February of last year we were hacked at the workshop on the sunday and the last day or workshop and um and so it was really terrible you know i i we went to the workshop sales page for the next event because we always tell our next event on the last year watch and there is a big ol signpost up there that said you’ve been hacked into my exposure database gonna miss me to shut everything down and and I take all this very seriously so when this person had gotten into the site somehow and exposed his really snapshot basically my database um we shut everything down and took it offline we kept it off line for six weeks until we discovered we went through and cleaned every file 70,000 miles and we went through cleaned every file to make sure that we had everything protected because you know I want our customers to feel incredibly safe and explain to them what we were doing um and in the middle of tractor but just tell you that they really appreciated that up I love all of our members in six weeks I lost re at all of our members because I love the act because we approached it the right way but if I hadn’t had sixty-three percent of my income coming from external affiliate programs I’ve been out a biznitch because there is just no way I can recovered from that as it was we lost a ton that month from anticipated income but it would you know if you don’t have diversified strange income coming in Inc on top of your own product sales I’m you’re gonna be in trouble at some point you find yourself having a rush by and you need that additional arm external income diversified income to really smooth things over and that’s why it’s so important for people to me to promote other people’s products basic well really great information shared their David thank you for sharing app what really is passive income by definition but in my mind it’s very simple it is to do the work ones get paid for ever I didn’t coin that phrase heard that remark and Rex and that was it always stuck with me in it was but it was also something I knew intuitively because I had always been interested in royalty business you like music it’s for licensing any sort I had stock photography agency for um about six years after I was newspaper business had three hundred thousand pictures on file in 150 if Tiger first data represented we sold pictures based on use so if somebody license the pictures for any 30-day use and they liked it and they continue using it they kept paying for right so that is passive income the work was done once we got paid again getting now I love affiliate marketing because it is exactly that it I’m and have just come to realize that um insurance agents work this way I I’ve got a really good insurance agent I love is I loved him and the way he does business and his State Farm agent and so I asked him i to confirm this as a No I would get this clear when you sell me a policy any policy you’re getting a commission on my purges for as long as I continue to pay that party right and that absolutely the way an insurance agent works so that’s why people get into that business and a sale they sell I parties continually shop policies to build that basis income as they expand their business and as they expand there party sales they get more and more income because it’s continuing to come in from what work was that they’ve done in the past that affiliate marketing to me if you find the right the program’s now there’s some affiliate programs which have ’em cookie based systems I i’m completely against us and I’m on a crusade to change that because I wanted to be software tag I call a lifetime I colette like 10 database referrals I’m so that you are tagged in the database with your um referral so that for example I think gotten a call or Kelly brought you into the system into our system I’m not sure but whatever you purchase from us going forward they’re going to get a commission from they don’t ever have to refer you again nobody ever have to pester for you im and one thinks this is always developing for me too by the way and what are the things that I realised not long ago was that with people who have systems like that I can actually do list building in their system because I own that list in their system nobody’s ever gonna make a nickel off with you in my system except the person who referred you that’s true passive income because you for P somebody one-time and did you collect money on work expense old it makes so much sense that I’m so glad that you went there david because so often I hear people say %eh got you know I’m that they have lifetime cookies to their website but it’s real it’s a cookie it’s not a membership site right and a cookie is is a good thing a lifetime pic is a good thing I’m a lot in my lifetime cookies from from work but I didn’t do but at some point they’re going to go away cookies expire to get overwritten somebody clears the cash in on their computer cookies are gone I dating and a cookie is simply just a little piece a text that stored in your browser that %uh tells people where you are and watch your what you’ve what you who brought you in basically but it on your browser it’s not the software database anywhere so once you take that pea soup information away its gonna you at thank you that so very very clear so remember guys when you’re looking around for programs the g1 a promoter get involved and make sure you’re getting into something like david uses which I believe is an a member term type program is a corrected me yeah I do use a member and I also use arm I had no I don’t use it yet but I’m probably gonna start moving to Infusionsoft as well because it uses of I should admiration thing I think that’s really important to do that so I think it he gets a reward people for doing the right alien shearing yourself %uh themselves with you with other says Purbeck just right dodi let’s talk a little bit I’m about names for up for a little bit in generating this passive income which you teach inside the system oMG hurry your students typically get started with names on a basically supposed to be says well it’s not just names I mean I really do you teach people we we’ve got something I call the the pie tests the passive income evaluation test its five steps the first step to see if I can remember them the first step is to um make sure that you’re involved in a problem that is the lifetime that image from another words the affiliate program and you should ask this question because of a product owner doesn’t know this the answer to this question maybe dunno know the answer to this question is this a software tag in system am I gonna get credit for the referrals lesson in forever as first question and passive income question number one lifetime generation approach yes or no so that’s basically yes or no question number two is do they have a lot of products I we have over 400 products in the Name System I if you if you’re promoting somebody else’s program who um has one product and it’s like and intervention for all you can always sell one product so you know great did you made the sale on that but if they don’t produce a lot of products you don’t get worse a apps so they gotta be active producers %uh second thing is that they got to be an incredibly high quality products because if they’re not high quality products are you in the lottery funds and that’s good and not not only cause you financial problems it’s also going to you ready reputation so you make sure that the people that you do with have a up refund radar less than 10 percent I prefer to be in the two to three percent range ours is in the one to two percent range arm and that is um an incredibly important factor to take manager that’s been come I wish test that was number three fourths is arm what is for always gets a number of 45 is an Olympics know your numbers I 55 is is making sure that you have access to numbers and tell you what’s converting and white is arm a what what what reward you getting for your efforts we actually build our reporting system custom reporting system for our affiliates they can click on athletics tap on our site and it takes a while to generate this report but once they do it shows them all the products that they have sold and with the drop down box and what’s your conversion rates are what you commissions are and what your um refund rates are on all those things so it’s really important to do that too remember for what I can remember that’s okay we can come back to it shortly it’s by no remember I well should see if our listeners got started two day with starting to generate a passive income for themselves but the relief look like in maybe 30 days sixty days a year three years from now well you know i related alter the names: 100 200 300 400 system %uh because if you are and I got coaching students all over the map here %uh if you are somebody just coming in and you don’t have a website or blog or anything didn’t to promote don’t know what units is the first thing is that you’re incredibly confused right so you don’t know where to start I always send people back to their passions did this yesterday with the coaching client who I’m came in and said he just wanted to build a generalist any consent promote people two different things what that never works you can’t build a general list you have to build the list that is targeted if you’re going to really talk to and build relationships with those people now you can have a generalist later on um but to get started you really want to focus in on something that you’re interested so instead a I something that he thought was hot like um health and beauty worth fitness or whatever it was which he had no experience in and he was buying PLR articles for I I encouraged him to look at his own life figure out what he was good at and what he’d done and has been passionate about and something the next step the very next step after that is up going out and figuring out there is a market for that before you invest any money in anything figure out if there’s a market there and in his case another its so um he’s gonna go out in and really start putting together a product of his own to to promote to this market but the first thing you can do is promote other people’s products into that market test that mark and that is low-cost you sign up for an affiliate program and you start posting in two forms: in on Facebook he might buy a natter to if you want to get started quickly abandoned you that that’s basically the way you start general interest and income when that’s working then you start moving to the rest of our 200 300 400 system where you can actually manager traffic and you um manage your content creation in all this to start building more assets and products by the way you want one start building your own products because that’s another diversified income stream for you is high-income hi are oh I products and then you got something for affiliates to promote for its all kind of circular in all this mess is in together but you start with a piece by piece from the very beginning K let’s see there something else I want to say about that I’m Nigel another as it will get to know that was we’ve got some going I perfect I’m for TV you know am but specific roadblocks that you know didn’t stop people from even getting started yeah absolutely and and unfortunately it’s not a good answer um see I got this year on the side of my head and I haven’t here on this at my age all my roadblocks exist between those ears its it’s all of the stuff in here that causes me to have issues and causes everybody else I know to have issues about I mean getting started and maintaining a business people give up because what goes on in their head I this is a learning process it’s a skill that you learn it’s like a it’s like a spiritual practice people don’t become enlightened overnight it and it’s called spiritual practice because its practice you know I’ve got a guitar sitting in the corner of my basement that I paid a thousand dollars to take lessons on about six years nineteen years ago um and and I haven’t picked up a guitar in two years now i cant pick up the guitar and think I’m gonna be able to play it right I can even to knit right now I’m because I don’t practice it if I really wanna play the guitar gotta practice and it’s the same with business you gotta do the things you gotta do the work you going to do is practice going to build the habits so those are the roadblocks that we ought we get lazy we get we buy the hype that’s a big one we buy the hype you know when I saw the email this morning it said today is closing on business in a box there is no such thing as a business in a box and luscious mcdonald’s and you know him by franchise great at a business in a box but even that has so many constraints and so many habits and rituals that you have to do as the reason it’s a franchise it is a laid out process that you follow so roadblocks were here right there in your head 0 awesome tips that you shared their David and I and i really appreciate the you just letting us know that all that stuff those blocks it’s all us its a process so I guess this strategy may be there are the keys to unlocking those unlocking those robots would be do it anyway and just keep doing it until you get it well that that is true but at some point you have to evaluate I’m a numbers guy you know I have for I I’m really I feel completely blind if I don’t know I conversion chart on the line traffic is and and unfortunately it has been really hard to set up all the Google funnels I want to set up a Google Analytics I’ve been looking for all the different traffic right she you know I have a had a conversation the other day about how to do conversions from Selah let’s and um it’s all about knowing where you tap is coming from what’s happening between the the initial link and the sales right that sounds complicated and that’s something that could keep people from getting started but there are simple ways to understand the numbers and numbers are basically add subtract division right because it is how many people clicked on a link how many people went to the next process and bought and that gives you the conversion ratio what you know you conversion ratio what you have to do from that point forward is tweet to make it better so you know just doing the same thing over and over again never works never ever works because she in what my out and ocean says something I just love and this is the only thing that’s worse than um worst day n failing is failing enthusiastically sup you know sheepish you know if you don’t want to go down the wrong path enthusiastically you want to make sure that you majoring in tweaking long way you the other thing that been alex says and I just love it and I don’t know it’s his am /url notice but my mind you know he he always says you’re not as good as you think you are you’re better %uh take the time to take you know learn the process find a coach to help you when you get stuck in and you know the you blow your own mind it you know how it’s not going to be good friends and I really will his one must bring people have never seen I watched him I’m I watched him do in ninety minute presentation this last weekend in Denver and um Amanda is a genius when it comes to presentations and sales I mean he sold out his two thousand dollar product um in that room up before the presentation is over and he does things completely differently from anybody else and he says exactly what he’s gonna do and then he does so it is completely transparent about the only thing that’s it that’s it and that’s a really good point about opening up the blocks you gotta be yourself no matter what you do you if you’re not yourself you’re lying basically and if you’re lying it always comes true we that’s very very true nope they did for them so let’s go back now to to our passive income streams what physical action steps do you want our listeners may be the cheek said that they can get started generating passive income for themselves sure I’m we’ve got it covered a little bit the very first thing is to will mark research now I’m gonna suggest people do la marca research with themselves because I E am a big believer that you do what you love if you don’t do much love it’s a job and the reason we do the online business thing is because we try to do what love so there are people out there who were who are really good business people you just go where the money is um now you wanna make sure that there is money in what you up so arm I when courage people to do something and die call prosperity scrap I did not make this up Frederick clarren did this in the late 90’s early nineties in a night York on it ’em tape set called prosperity consciousness which I recommend everybody listen to I’m any talks about it and its prosperity scrapple on the issued a paper a bite in G paper on one side you write down um if this works well in spreadsheet lay one column right down the things you love to do the things you love to do on the other side you write down the things you’re good at so then you cut out those little cells love information you put on the table in front of you and you spread around to buy us right upside down to buy a house she got on all switched around the things you like to do in the things you do that and you pick one or two one from each I’ll and you see what they come up with so when I was doing this in the eighties million nineties middle nineties after is listening to snag I loved riding motorcycles right I was I have a Harley I loved riding my motorcycle out in the woods in the weekend and stuff like that on the other side I picked up that I was good at travel writing um as a journalist a freelance writer I was good at travel writing and I really enjoyed doing that going places and writing about and I thought wow I could take those two and make a business at right two things something and that something I love put it together and you got a business now you can get wild and wacky with that I didn’t um and I actually started doing some that and I came up with this whole big business plan about riding around the United States which still by the way I can be reached a goal and I want to do and creating a book from traveling from United States joins um but what that led me to you was online business pleaded not so it’s interesting how it takes you from one step to the next okay that’s the first physical think is is just coming up with ideas right that’s a little market research and you suck what do you love what do you get now would you identify this thing then you go out and see done within their own borders are to me at Barnes & Noble or %uh I Amazon and start looking at the topics that you came up with are there are other people out there doing that and make money at are their buyers in those markets that’s a first that’s the second thing you do is is identify if there are buyers network and if there’s buyers in that market are their products in that market that you can sell not that you create your own product but that you can sell because you want to be an affiliate first and a buyer by the way you wanna buy some of those products so you can see what they’re like and you want to be an affiliate in for those other people so that you can start making money immediately by selling other people’s products make sense makes complete sense to me thank you very much david tech we goin we keep talking about this thing call me honest yup the novice to advanced marketing sister you can check it out by going right here to report dot com sword slash me on this no ms hum him when they go there they’re going to learn something about your insiders club but I know you have an amazing deal for our listeners today for insiders club which I am a member by the way I’m are learn so much from Kenya share a little bit about how insiders church it is the coke is now everything we do pretty much we’ve had multiple levels of membership and I still do modelers membership but I don’t focus on selling any of those up levels a membership we will really have put everything into the insiders club and we’ve made it the best deal possible and we’re still in the charter member face this I have a specific number that I wanna hit and shower curtain base membership and when we hit that base membership to price is gonna trip it is a monthly fee now thirty seven dollars in the price is gonna go to ninety seven dollars when we get that ace number but people can get in to try it for 30 days for seven bucks now in the insiders club um you get you get every thing that you would have got in the earlier memberships which was you know all the tools and all that content creation tools the monthly downloads in those kinda things and I’m and the weekly like training access 22 all that stuff but in the insiders but we go a little deeper in what we found is that the people the insiders club are the more serious a more focused and the people who have a real um dedication to creating a difference in the world through their business so we do monthly inside training there are one Thursday a month like plaster what was too is going to was we did new port town I more time did the first two hours with this on YouTube marketing and we get an expert in there who really is good at whatever task that we want to go at whatever strategy that might go after we’ve done outsourcing we’ve done um business operations now we’ve done a lot of stuff that nobody else will touch because it’s not I all that sexy sometimes but if you don’t know how to set up your business operations your going to fail so we had the most brilliant business operations guy will matters who’s grown a business in three years from 0 sells to ten million dollars in online sales um teaching us about that now where we have the setup is in the morning we do what we call discovery in the afternoon we do implementation so we create an implementation checklist for I’m for our members in the afternoon then that becomes the basis for the next month %uh challenge in the next month we do a 30-day challenger however one that month is arm where people have to um go through the processes and actually do what we were teaching in the previous month so we have a big big big on implementation it’s really important to us implementation when you complete the challenge and it is a um an honor system only people posting like yesterday on the lawn people posting your results from the month um and when you complete your challenge you say I’ve done it we send you a mug here’s my mug from last month it’s not my mood to know it’s awesome actually kept you look so far good idea getting my third one for the month I love April that’ll come in may sometime in so we accept it yeah im its you look nice David gives a reward a mug for completely task and you don’t have to do that him we call us to receive my we call ourselves muddies I n I did come up with that by the way what I don’t know where it came from it doesn’t matter when that lol box comes in the mail mid-month you open it you like what i order you know whatever I sure and then you open it up can and it’s a real word just for completing a challenge it’s so but an amazing and we all go in the chat room in which we just talk about how awesome it is to be drinking tea at a bar our mother or coffee or whatever it is inch its it’s a feeling of accomplishment that we took a task that at the beginning of the month was just this big and by the end of the murder it’s complete and it’s done him and it’s such an accomplishment and %uh the mug is just you know that the topic you know the whip cream what actually took about his I i started this mug thing um by accident really I’m and I created the first one just thinking I would do one much and and what it is it is a bitch simple up celebration you know that’s all it is because you know you go by I’m up for five bucks not me it’s not a big deal the Mac is not a big deal although these are customized each month that have the names insiders club with a new design and its by the way designed by one of our members I’m it so he is a printing business only does this and I’m I’m but but what it symbolizes is a an effort by the by the person to to accomplish something and implement something that is changing business and so when they celebrate we all celebrate because I do these two I mean this I gotta do on a continuous basis when it when we do these things in the insiders group it’s a private facebook group we do in there it is a real celebration for people now I said something there too I do these things too um and I post about it I’m very transparent about what I’m doing my business and now for example last month we had to do business map I showed everybody what my profit in expense centers were in the my name’s business into you know not a lot of people will expose that kinda stuff but I think it’s really important for us to have a group that um trust with each other enough to be very vulnerable and very open about what you drinkin happens and we do yeah I don’t know it’s fantastic in I’m I’m so appreciative I’ve learned it’s her turn but things just play I’m being in the group in learning from the Met excuse me the members everybody so generously shared in its a group of marketers unlike any really that I’ve never met before it we’re really on a focused on growing a business were really down to earth people we have a good time can we have a life I want doesn’t me bob actually even around that one big Wunsch our world revolves around creating a constant passive income streams that reward as every single mom and it’s just not a one-hit wonder and then you know the money is gone and then what %um was so yeah exactly his them that you’ve designed and I’m so glad you guys right here to report dot com forward slash me on school check it out it bears a seven dollar am look add a complete system that will revolutionize your life let alone your business so you know let me let me just say to that for that seven dollars don’t just get access to the the insiders group in facebook that’s a really important part what we do but we also do monthly cuny’s I’m sorry weekly cuny’s on Thursday and Thursdays we don’t we have one from the cockpit actually I’m and and on the Thursday that we don’t do the insiders group Michael workshop you also get access to the finished Michael workshop product know I’m I’m no dummy so when it comes to movies in senator Michael workshops and creating products right so I guess 30-35 these Michael workshops we have created and I’m selling those for 197 bucks I’m there are at when you joined at the seven dollar rate you get three you get the first three of those Michael workshops that’s five ninety one dollars right there %uh I’m value you also get the last month’s and you get the one that’s coming up in the 30 days the jury acted in now insiders but and you get last month’s so that you can participate in the challenge in last month’s was YouTube marketing so you gonna get the one from the port town and you’re going to be and be able to participate in this month’s challenge which starts today on YouTube marking so you know that’s five Michael workshops at 197 box that you can get access to in addition to all the other stuff in that one systems yeah it’s definitely worth it for a just checking out my goodness seven dollars since it’s a Starbucks coffee for goodness sakes in United alive feat but panda know great is that yeah it’s United 30 days and in relationships that will just blow your mind with people who are really seriously growing passive income for themselves that’s right 20 so wonderful so guys it’s right here te report dot com the Lord’s last names now when you go over there you’ll also see all the other tools that david has available Ave you can click on some of those things in and see what he has to offer and then again you know I’m I know there’s a the tumor a gray 70km is a free report in there to do that from there is it’s called sure are passive income and it’s all about the pie tests if you go there you find your you its listed in there what number four hits which I still haven’t free helicopter word armor forgiving conversation is the her right hand yet they’re the type and yet to be in there it’ll be an ash attorney the everything is you you’ve been in your while and one things I like to do is be incredibly generous to the insiders members and I hope you think that I’ve done a good job that shuts David europeans so generous with us being each month we produce what we call the names tutorial prop product and that is a product that we sell for 27 bucks and it is in its its have focused tutorial um and sometimes between 10 and 20 videos and then in its each task in a tutorial for example we got coming up this week not Evernote and so they’ll be i think is twenty 20 videos in there and their three minutes each so it’s a task in three minutes or less on how to do whatever is not right insiders get that I’m I also create custom plugins for our site for example we have our own video sales letter plugin that goes on sale this weekend the insiders get single site license to that as part of their membership we’re rolling out lotsa stuff and insiders always get someone that begin with I’m it’s not always the developer license whatever it is but it is single site license material and you know would like from the inside just used stuff and I’m into one tell us how much they love it to at it I know it that’s fantastic regained consciousness so much value inside Dave its program you know we talked about be the various tracks that people can use to you know 100 to 400 but inside the insiders as well as the regular names program yeah and and that’s really awesome to hear that you have you know so many things that but you can learn iight I went back I started with 100 I thought well what do I know it but know that’s something else I do get to talk about that anymore because there’s so much in there that dashboard and no is 52 modules from 100 to 400 and it actually is linear walks you through the process building business from from basic to you its beginning to end you know bet but we don’t talk about that because there’s so much other stuff going on right so it is a I we touched on it so I just want to make sure I brought that back to thank you no no it’s perfect and you know guys to report dot com forward slash Nam the David I wanna say thank you so so very much for for sharing with me today about generating passive income streams and in just all the juicy tidbits that you shared was fantastic thank you you bet you’re welcome in but give a final word for today didn’t the only thing I tell people is get started and if you don’t know how to get started I’m if your brand new get started if you have been doing this for a while get tweaking because it’s all about continuing to do continuing to improve what you’ve already done so that you can build more momentum and that’s what we do fantastic weekend david thank you very much for being my guest today and everybody in till next time drink goldmine your business and have a great day take here actor HQ the league mixed thank you for listening to go but your business with your report yourself by extreme marketing concepts if you want it right more traffic dominate the market can crush your competition find out how to fight visiting our web site WWW dot extreme marketing concepts dot com may join Terry NexStar for another episode ok goal-line your biscuits small next

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